Inbound & Outbound Call Center Services.


Inbound Call Center Services

Calls From Outside

Services Include; Answering Services, After sale service,Help desk services, Direct Response, Over flow and After-hours support, Lead Qualification and Order Processing.

Answering Services

Don’t suffer missed calls again; a missed call is a lost business opportunity. At HCS we will provide 24/7 call assistance to ensure that all calls are responded to in the most reliable time and manner...Read more .

After sale service

It is prudent for each and every business to offer, after sales services. A sale does not end at the purchase point, or at the close of the deal. Customers require a bit more hand holding after the sale,..Learn More

Help desk services

At HCS we have well trained staff who come from diverse academic backgrounds including IT, Finance, HR, Marketing and they are very knowledgeable and can offer technical support over the phone,..Learn More

Direct Response

Most businesses use toll free lines for inquiries, when launching a product and when promoting the product, this allows as many potential customers as possible to call in for free and find out more information Learn more

After-hours support

At times even with a well-staffed call center department, you will find your calls spilling into the missed call queue for lack of enough manpower. This might be the case in certain seasons Learn more

Lead Qualification

We never let an opportunity pass us by at HCS and as such we will capture any and all leads from your callers, vet and qualify them and send them to your sales team for conversion into sales.Learn more

Order Processing

We can provide afterhours support for your order needs long after closing time and even when your physical business premises are closed. Our staff is well trained, highly professional and customer focused.


Outbound Call Center Services

Calls From Inside

Services Include; Market Research, Lead Generation, Customer Feedback Survey, Up-selling, Cross-selling, and Retention Services, Appointment Setting and Debt Collection.

Market Research

Reduce your decision making headache by a well planned and executed market research. We at HCS provide market research services by making outbound calls to your clientele or desired market by administering well designed questionnaires to give you in valuable insight into your markets.

Lead Generation

Cold calls are just as they sound! Cold, but here at HCS we have been successful in turning cold calls into warm calls and eventually generating leads. We can provide B2B business to business lead generation through our cold calling techniques. Try us today and realize a new sales channel that offers a cheaper lead per head pay.

Customer Feedback Survey

This exercise should be conducted regularly by any serious business so as to maintain good customer relations and improve customer retention rates. Statistics show, you have better chances of increasing your profits by at least 25-95% with a 5% increase in customer retention rate than by acquiring new customers.

Up-selling, Cross-selling, and Retention Services

. We offer up selling services to your clients to promote growth and increased uptake of your products and services. Cross selling provides brand awareness and product length knowledge, increased use of your entire product range by your clients creates more business for you and long lasting ties with your clients.

Appointment Setting

Use our services today and turn your prospects into potential clients by getting an appointment with them to showcase your products and or services. We can provide you a calendar

Debt Collection

Stop! Don’t write off that debt yet, we at HCS have a team of specialized agents that can engage your debtors and collect your bad debts for you, all while being professional and customer centric..

Social Media Support

With social media, time is of the essence, speed is essential and clients have grown more and more impatient, and need their queries addressed fast according to survey.

Virtual Assistant

Today we have more activities to do, with so little time. To help you concentrate on your bottom line, that is the business that is producing the revenue. Let us help you by unburdening you of all the other tasks. .

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