Customer consultancy
Why is it Important?

Customer service consultancy helps businesses come up with their strategic customer focus directive. It entails researching, planning, designing, developing and executing a strategic customer focus direction for a business.Business nowadays is not just about the product or service offered, but it’s about helping customers derive satisfaction for their needs. It’s about solving a customer pain and giving a great experience while at it.

In this modern age of technological revolution and ease of communication, every business should take advantage and give great experiences with the right product to their clients. Because gaining feedback for your business has never been as easy as it is now, to get good customer ratings and reviews it’s essential to employ the many available resources to ensure your clientele’s satisfaction and happiness.

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Can it get Worse?

It can get worse in that a client can post their experience on social media, and it will appear to all his followers, causing further increased damage. Statistics show;

  • A happy client will tell 9 people about your business
  • An unhappy client will complain to at least 16 people about your business
  • Research shows that If you increase customer retention rate by even 5% you will increase your profits by a margin between 25% to 95%

Observation Approach

Statistics show that a happy client will tell 9 of their friends about your business. Yet an angry customer or an unhappy client will gossip and complain about your products to at least 16 people.

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How We Work



Research and design a strategic customer service plan for your business that will help you right from on boarding, that means your employees will come into the company with a pro customer mentality


Outline Plan

Help you hire the right people for your customer service platform from the word go and all the other employees.


Execute & Refine

Train your existing employees on great customer service, how to solve client issues, how to apologize to clients and solve difficult queries.



help set up a call center for your business

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