Social Media Support
Social Media, SMS, Email & Chat Support

Social Media has become a key platform of communication in the 21st century. Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are now key communication arenas for clients on their company’s business page.

To ignore or fail to answer your clients query on social media is a big mistake. Now more than ever clients are taking to the sites, to complain, place orders, give feedback and basically seek assistance from their brands. With social media, time is of the essence, speed is essential and clients have grown more and more impatient, and need their queries addressed fast according to survey, 17% need response within minutes and at least 42% expect a response within10-20hours.With these facts and figures, it’s difficult for a business to keep up, and offer efficient service, due to unpredictability, volume and expectations of the client.

That’s why Happy Customer are the best people to take care of this challenge for your business, and help promote positive brand awareness on social media. We have trained customer service agents, to handle your social media through our social care program. By using special software, we can track and identify your client communications on social media, tag them as tickets and offer support from there. Hence we are the best people for the business here in Kenya. Start with us today.

Incredible work! Best creative experience ever; timely, well executed and one hell of a result. Would recommend Happy Customer to anyone.

John K. Riley

Designer Harvest Goods